• Sarah Campbell

    These are projects I have worked on, volunteered for or made just for fun. I love what I do and am proud of what I do, so creating a blog that can showcase and accommodate all of my projects just makes sense!

Music Video: Tonella – Compromise

This was a music video I did a little while ago for local band here in Fredericton, Tonella. The video was directed by local director Tim Rayne and shot through the eyes of the DOP (director of photography) Jesse Anthony. My position was 1st AC (assistant camera) in which I helped out Jesse where needed … Continue reading

Instant Breakfast – CHSR 97.9 FM

I’m going to be taking over CHSR’s Instant Breakfast show for a couple days a week here on campus and in doing so I’ve come to learn A LOT of great East Coast music. One of the best parts about working with a radio station, especially CHSR, is how much local music they receive. There … Continue reading


I learned how to make a watermark today! I was talking with one of my roommates yesterday she completely inspired me to get off my ass and start making some magic. I spent about an hour looking on http://www.dafonts.com for the right kind of font for my name on all the pictures I take. I … Continue reading

Photo challenge: Incognito Lensman

I love this. So much. I was stolling through a few blogs and I came across this photo. SO, upon looking at it I came up with a brilliant photo challenge for myself and potentially others to try! When I see this picture I think, “man this would be a really cool picture if he … Continue reading


It’s almost that time again! Exams are just starting to drift down the end of the year slope and my roommates and I are getting ready to move on to the next part of our Fredericton adventure! This time there will only be 3 of us instead of 6. This is going to be a … Continue reading

Video killed the radio star

I was on the radio this morning! Well, really yesterday afternoon, but it aired this morning! I’m going to be volunteering at our campus radio station CHSR 97.9 (hopefully) during the end of this year into the summer. To start off Tim Rayne, the head man, got me to sit in on his morning breakfast … Continue reading

Just Eat

As much as we all won’t admit it, watching our weight and what we eat is constantly on our minds. I’ve recently lost 20 pounds and I didn’t even mean to. This is the shittiest thing to say to someone who’s been working their ass off for the past year and a half to loose … Continue reading

Much Music VJ Search Goals

I made this for myself as a little goal inspiration and reminder to think positively to further my chances of being considered for the position. After making the audition video there were a million things I felt like I should have said, shown, or set up a different way. Overall though, I have to be … Continue reading

Much Music VJ Search – Sarah Campbell

After a few of my friends mentioned that Much Music was having a VJ Search and I should apply, I figured why not? When they told me however, there were only4 days left, so I had to come up with an awesome video in only a couple days. It was relatively easy to do because … Continue reading

Lady Dunn Fashion S.H.O.W.

This is a video I made for The Brunswickan, our school newspaper, on one of the campus residences Lady Dunn Hall’s 18th annual Fashion Show. It was a lot of fun to shoot, and was surprisingly easy to do because of the awesome assistance I had. I got a volunteer to help me out of … Continue reading